Best Ready-To-Mix Organic Summer Syrups

Best Ready-To-Mix Organic Summer Syrups

Summer is here with a vengeance, and it’s super important to stay hydrated in this heat! While plain water is an absolute must, sometimes it’s nice to add a bit of variety for additional hydration- we enjoy sipping on drinks like coconut water, aam panna, bel juice, watermelon juice and lemonade.

For lazy afternoons or for unannounced guests popping in, we usually keep some natural and organic syrups handy to make a quick summer-cooler when required- you just need to mix a bit of the syrup with water and top it up with ice! The syrups we use are completely natural and none of them have any additives or preservatives.

These are the ones we like, in order of preference:

Masala Nimbu Paani Concentrate by I Say Organic

nimbu paani
Masala Nimbu Paani concentrate by I Say Organic

This one is the clear winner when it comes to ready-to-mix drinks! It contains organic lemon juice, jaggery, black salt, rock salt, mint and ginger. The unique combination of lemon, jaggery and the masalas tastes amazing and this forms a permanent part of our fridge! We also like the fact that this syrup uses jaggery instead of refined sugar, making it a healthier option for regular consumption. It’s really refreshing on a sweltering hot day. We’ve reviewed this nimbu paani previously – you can read it Here. People in Delhi – you must try this!

Strawberry Cooler by Himalayan Haat

This one contains organic strawberries (from the owner’s farm in Uttarakhand), lemon juice and organic sugar. In terms of flavour, this makes for a very interesting pink lemonade! It’s also quite thick in consistency, so it can be topped over ice cream or cake. You can even spike this with some vodka or tequila for an easy to make summer cocktail!

Lemon- Ginger Cooler by Himalayan Haat

This is also a syrup to make lemonade – it doesn’t have much of a ginger flavor though and tastes somewhat like lemon squash. It’s made using organic lemon juice, ginger and sugar. It tastes nice and refreshing and is a quick-fix for making lemonade on short notice. We really like the products we’ve tried so far by Himalayan Haat. However, the masala nimbu paani by I Say Organic wins by a huge margin in this category, which is why this one is placed here on our list!

summer cooler
Strawberry Cooler and Lemon-Ginger Cooler by Himalayan Haat


Organic and natural ready-to-mix summer coolers


For a quick and easy way to beat the heat!


The masala nimbu paani is available for home-delivery by I Say Organic in Delhi/NCR – you can place an order on their webite by Clicking Here.

The strawberry and the lemon-ginger coolers by Himalayan Haat can be ordered for home delivery (pan-India) through their website (Order Here) or through the Place of Origin website


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