Try some preservative-free meat products by Artisan Meats

Try some preservative-free meat products by Artisan Meats

Sausages, salami, bacon…. these meat products have a few things in common – (i) they’re delicious, (ii) they’re perfect breakfast accompaniments, and (iii) they’re loaded with preservatives (most of which are considered carcinogens) to keep them going for long periods of time.

Thanks to point (iii), we had pretty much eliminated most of these commercially available processed meat products from our diet. However, that changed recently when we discovered Artisan Meats!

We had figured out a way to source preservative-free raw meat and fish (see our post on products by, however, getting hold of cured and ready-to-eat meat products, without any artificial preservatives, proved to be challenging. This is a niche that Artisan Meats seems to have mastered.

Artisan Meats (owned and operated by a sibling-duo), is a small set-up that’s going back to old-school Italian methods of naturally preserving and curing meat. They use locally sourced meat from known farms and make amazing smoked sausages and burger patties/ cutlets by hand (that’s what we’ve tried so far) without using any preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers or additives. The chicken burger patties, in particular, were melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

If you’re craving some preservative-free, superior quality, delicious meat products, look no further than Artisan Meats! They’ll deliver whatever meat product you want straight to your doorstep.


Preservative-free meat products like sausages, salami, bacon, burger patties


For flavour minus the nasties.


Orders can be placed on their website – Click here

(Currently available in Delhi/NCR)


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