Refreshing all-natural almond milk by Allnut

Almond milk is a light, refreshing and healthy drink that works as a great substitute to dairy, particularly for all the vegan and lactose-intolerant people out there. Plain unsweetened almond milk can be added to tea or coffee, and the flavoured ones work well as a mid-day snack or along with breakfast.

It’s also easy to make at home, and there are plenty of basic recipes available on the internet for this purpose. Here’s an easy one by the Minimalist Baker, if you want to try this at home –

For all the other reluctant chefs (like us) out there, try ordering some of the all-natural, cold-pressed almond milk- freshly prepared by Allnut! Allnut makes plain and flavoured milk that’s prepared in small batches- it’s made from organic almonds and natural ingredients, and delivered straight to your doorstep in eco-friendly glass bottles. We tried the trial pack that got us 4 different flavours of their milk – we particularly liked the cacao and the vanilla milk.

If you’re looking for a good supplier of almond milk in the market, Allnut is your best bet, considering they focus exclusively on preparing and delivering artisan almond milk!


Almond Milk


As a substitute for dairy or as a general healthy mid-day snack


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