Baked Buttermilk and Millet Crackers by Monsoon Harvest

Snack on some buttermilk and millet crackers by Monsoon Harvest! These baked crackers contain freshly churned buttermilk, almond meal and millets and come in 4 flavours – garlic, black pepper, onion and fennel.

The crackers are all-natural, free from preservatives and baked to perfection. They are best had with a hot beverage or with some dip, as they may feel a bit dry if they’re had on their own. We sampled the roasted garlic crackers and enjoyed them with a slather of cream cheese and a hot cup of tea! The millet crackers come in reusable tin boxes and are convenient to keep at work for inevitable mid-day snack breaks!


Roasted garlic flavoured buttermilk and millet crackers


For a convenient ready-to-eat snack to keep on your desk


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