Farm-fresh tomato condiments by Himalayan Haat

Farm-fresh tomato condiments by Himalayan Haat

Himalayan Haat has now started a range of condiments using fresh organic tomatoes from their farm! We love this brand for its simplicity and use of fresh ingredients to make basic, flavourful products. So we were quite excited when they launched these interesting tomato-based products!

Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce

This pasta sauce is made by slow-cooking organic tomatoes, basil and garlic, all sourced from the brand owner’s farm. There are no added preservatives, artificial flavours or thickeners- it’s completely natural. One bottle of pasta sauce is perfect for a hassle-free meal for two. We just heated it up, added it to cooked spaghetti and our dinner was ready!

It was pretty good, although we felt it was a tad bit too sweet – sugar could have been avoided in this sauce (and some herbs/ seasoning could have been increased), because it seems like the tomatoes were sweet to begin with. The people at Himalayan Haat have apparently varied the recipe of their sauce a bit (based on customer feedback) and have also made a version without any sugar.

We usually like to keep some kind of pasta sauce around in the house for a quick and easy meal option- this works out as a great alternative to commercial sauces (like Ragu) considering it’s organic and free from all sorts of nasties!

Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney

The next tomato condiment that we tried was this is a near-empty jar of organic, handmade Tomato Chutney – the jar speaks for itself! We finished this jar of chutney off in about a week, it was that addictive! It goes well with any Indian meal and also works as a great accompaniment with snacks like pakoras and samosas – perfect for this monsoon! The chutney is full of flavour and we’ve been informed that it’s been made using the farm-owner’s grandmother’s recipe.


Tomato Condiments by Himalayan Haat


For superior quality condiments made using farm-fresh ingredients.


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