Drink some cold-pressed juice by Raw Pressery

Cleanse your system with cold-pressed juice from Raw Pressery! Raw Pressery provides cold-pressed fresh fruit and vegetable juices in an assortment of flavours. The juices are hygienically packed and contain no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives – so they’re 100% juice, and nothing else!

In addition to juice, Raw Pressery also makes smoothies and soups and has various packages for a cleanse or detox. We’ve tried a couple of flavours, out of which the sugarcane juice and the pineapple-ginger juice stand out.

It’s ideal to have freshly squeezed juice. However, hygiene is a concern when it comes to vendors on the streets who prepare fresh juice and the packaged commercial juices are not really juice but more like sugar syrup! If you have a good quality juicer at home and the time to make some every day – then that’s great! However, for those constantly on the move, Raw Pressery makes it easy to make sure you get some juice in your system without compromising on health or hygiene.


Cold-pressed juice


As a healthy substitute to packaged juices


Website – https://www.rawpressery.com


Also available on Big Basket

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