Beldi Soap by Raw Beauty – for an in-house Moroccan Hammam Experience

Beldi Soap by Raw Beauty – for an in-house Moroccan Hammam Experience

Try this natural beldi soap by Raw Beauty for a traditional in-house Moroccan hammam experience! Beldi soap is a key ingredient in Hammams in Morocco and is made using argan oil, olive oil and macerated black olives. It’s a super gentle soap that suits all skin types.

Hammams or Turkish Baths are said to be amongst the oldest surviving bath traditions in the world. In traditional hammams (popular in Morocco, Turkey and Italy), women and men gather in separate spaces for an elaborate bathing experience- this community bath is not just for cleanliness, but is also considered an important social ritual! Beldi soap comes into the picture right at the beginning of the hammam where it is usually applied liberally all over the body by a professional (in a steam room) and is then washed off with an exfoliating cloth or bath-glove. The soap itself moisturizes and deep cleans the skin, while the exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and toxins.

This beldi soap by Raw Beauty has a stiff gel like consistency. If you scoop a small amount out, you can use it like a single-use soap all over your body, it will just blend in and create a mild lather. It has a pleasant earthy aroma and looks a bit edible!

We’ve been using beldi soap about once a week for the last 2 months. We’ve either used it just by itself or sometimes followed by a scrub. Either way, it leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, and is a boon for people with dry skin. It’s definitely a different experience from using the usual soaps and bath gels, but a good one that we would go back to!

Raw Beauty makes a range of fabulous natural skin and hair care products- check out our previous reviews of their all-natural deodorant and natural toothpowder called Chamkeela.


Beldi Soap


For a Moroccon Hammam Experience at home


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