Pumpkin Skin Renewal Face Serum for Bright, Smooth and Firm Skin

Face serums are all the rage these days!

For the uninitiated, face serums comprise of a concentrated blend of ingredients (typically essential oils and vitamins) meant to be applied directly on your face right after cleansing and toning. Face serums usually don’t act as a substitute to moisturiser, rather, the idea is to ensure your skin soaks up essential vitamins and nutrients prior to moisturising it.

I recently decided to add some kind of face serum to my usual (fairly basic) skin-care routine. Needless to say, the serum I was on the look-out for had to be completely natural and free from preservatives and chemicals. I tried out the all-natural pumpkin skin renewal serum by Instaglam.

Pumpkin seed oil is the talk of town for its numerous health benefits – it’s super healthy to consume and works wonders if applied topically on your skin. This face serum contains pumpkin seed, aloe vera extract, reship, avocado, jojoba oil, orange oil, Vitamins A, B and E. It’s supposed to make your skin bright, smooth and firm. This serum uses pumpkin seed oil as a base and infuses all these other essential oils and vitamins in it. It smells great and feels ultra-smooth.

I have been using this serum for about a month now- just a few drops on the face before sleeping – followed by a moisturiser. It’s pretty amazing! It absorbs into my skin within minutes, leaving a faint, healthy-looking glow and my skin stays hydrated through the night. Looks like this is now going to be a regular part of my skin-care routine!

Instaglam is run by a cosmetologist who prepares various natural skin care products and delivers them straight to your doorstep! Check out our previous review of their 100x plus washed ghee.


Pumpkin face serum


For some TLC for your face!


Order from Instaglam’s Instagram or Facebook page:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/insta_glam_beauty/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/InstaGlam-Hair-And-Beauty-1947590502146146/

They deliver pan-India

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    1. Yes, you must! You can explore their page – they have a range of other interesting face and hair serums too 🙂

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