Essential Oils for Aromatherapy- Uses, Combinations & Benefits

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular in skincare and aromatherapy. They smell great and can be therapeutic, when used correctly.

For skincare, we prefer relying on experts to provide us skincare products with the right blend of essential oils, to make sure we get the maximum therapeutic benefits. Plus, it’s usually best not to ingest essential oils or use it topically unless you’re trained to know what you’re doing – since these potent oils can be counterproductive (and potentially unsafe) when used incorrectly.

What we do stock up on essential oils for is aromatherapy! We like diluting essential oils (or a combination of oils) in diffusers or oil burners. Depending on the oils used, the aroma can ward off mosquitoes, act as a disinfectant, clear up congestions, make you feel relaxed or even make you feel energetic – and, of course, make the house smell fabulous!

assortment essential oils
Assortment of Essential Oils

Tried and tested essential oils

The key is to make sure you use pure, unadulterated, organic essential oils – since some oils are actually impure and can give you a headache rather than make you feel good! These are the essential oils we’ve tried recently, in order of our preference:

Blend it Raw Apothecary

blend it raw apothecary
Essential oils by Blend it Raw Apothecary

We recently got a couple of essential oils from Blend it Raw Apothecary. The Essential Oils we got (lemon, sweet orange, juniper berry and clary sage) are pretty good. They’re pure and unadulterated and have a strong aroma of their corresponding plant. These are the key properties of each of these oils:

-Lemon – Natural air-purifier and deodorizer, uplifting and energising

-Sweet Orange- disinfectant, uplifting, invigorating

-Juniper Berry- calming, enhances positive feelings

-Clary Sage – antispasmodic (helps with menstrual issues), anti-depressant

-Tea tree – antibacterial

-Lavender – calming, sleep-inducing


lavender eo
Lavender Essential Oil by Mesmara

The one we got from Messmarah is lavender – this one is really good too and is our go-to blend before sleeping. We haven’t tried any other essential oil from this brand so far. The aroma of lavender is known to be calming and sleep-inducing.


Tea Tree Essential Oil by Khadi

We got tea tree essential oil from Khadi – primarily to use a drop or two in warm water for pedicures/ manicures. It’s supposed to be an excellent disinfectant. We haven’t used it for the purpose we initially got it for, but have used it in our oil burner and have been happy with it – tea tree is a natural air purifier and is considered to have antibacterial properties.


peppermint essential oil
Peppermint Essential Oil by Purra

The one we got from Purra was peppermint essential oil. Peppermint is such a nice refreshing aroma and we thought this would be great to use during the day. However, this brand is not recommended – it doesn’t even appear to be an essential oil. Essential oils are known for their strong aroma and usually a few drops are more than enough to get the house smelling great. This one is a dud, since you barely get a whiff of the aroma of peppermint, even after putting a substantial amount in an oil burner. Good quality peppermint essential oil, however, works as a decongestant, energy-booster and helps with nausea.

Permutations and combinations

Each essential oil has numerous advantages, however, this post does not intend to list out an exhaustive list of therapeutic benefits, rather just some key benefits that we experienced. We usually put some water in an oil burner and add a few drops of the essential oils that we plan to use. Then all we have to do is light a tea-light candle under the burner, and we’re all set! These are some of the combinations that we’ve tried and liked with each of these oils so far:

Camphor We don’t use camphor essential oil, but rather just use pieces of pure camphor in our oil burner. Camphor spreads positive energy, purifies the house, works really well as a decongestant and overall smells calming and energizing at the same time. We are mentioning this here because, while camphor is nice to burn by itself, it also works as a great accompaniment to any essential oil. We usually add a few drops of lavender to the chunks of camphor for a super soothing blend at night. For something more energizing, we blend camphor and menthol crystals (bought from Dubai) or camphor and lemon/ sweet orange essential oil.

(Camphor + menthol + lemon EO/sweet orange EO = Energising blend)

(Camphor + lavender = Calming blend)

Camphor with a few drops of lemon essential oil

Lavender We like lavender just as it is! Lavender is known for its sleep inducing properties and as a natural remedy for insomnia. Sometimes, we mix it up with a little  eucalyptus essential oil- the combination not only wards off bugs but also has a calming effect and gets you super sleepy pretty quickly!

(Lavender EO + Eucalyptus EO = Sleep-inducing, bug-repellant blend)

Lemon and Sweet Orange Citrus aromas like lemon and sweet orange are energizing and uplifting. These are the oils we most often use during the day. We usually mix these up together, use either in isolation or mix it with clary sage and/ or juniper berry. It is also relevant to mention that both these oils are great disinfectants – you could add a few drops to water and use it to naturally clean and sanitize your kitchen surfaces.

(Lemon EO/ Sweet Orange EO + Clary Sage EO = Uplifting and anti-spasmodic blend)

(Lemon EO/ Sweet Orange EO + Juniper berry EO = Soothing blend)

Juniper berry– This is known to sooth any sort of mental fatigue and also works as a disinfectant. It’s again something we prefer using towards the end of the day, since it calms the mind and puts you at ease. It blends well with citrus aromas and even with lavender.

(Juniper berry EO + Lemon EO/ Sweet Orange EO = Soothing blend)

Clary sage– This is known to be anti-spasmodic and is supposed to be great for menstrual cramps. It also works as a relaxant – so again, its something we prefer using in the evening, post-work. This blends well with citrus aromas or lavender or juniper berry.

(Clary Sage EO + Lemon EO/ Sweet Orange EO = Uplifting and anti-spasmodic blend)

Tea tree– This oil has antibacterial properties and we mostly use it with lemon or sweet orange.

(Tea tree EO + Lemon EO/ Sweet Orange EO = Room-freshner and sanitizer blend)

Peppermint Peppermint is a refreshing scent that makes you feel alert. It goes really well with eucalyptus or citronella. The combination smells great and instantly wards off mosquitoes.

(Peppermint EO + Eucalyptus / Citronella = Bug repellant, refreshing blend)

While each essential oil comes with its own set of benefits, you can double (or triple) the benefits by blending a few together in a diffuser or oil burner! It’s always fun experimenting and you are only limited by your imagination in terms of the combinations to make!

(Note – It is advisable to avoid essential oils if you’re pregnant, nursing a child, have children below 2 years of age or if you have any specific health concerns – just check with your doctor in case of any doubt!)

Essential Oils at Work!


Pure Essential Oils


For aromatherapy – to uplift your mood or calm you down or to get a good night’s sleep!


We plan to stick to Blend it Raw Apothecary for our essential oil needs for now, since they seem to be a reliable brand – you can place an order for essential oils on their website by clicking here.

In case you want to purchase the essential oils by Mesmara, Khadi or Purra – you can order them from

We also plan to try out the essential oils by Juicy Chemistry in due course (they’re certified organic) and will update this post whenever we do!



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