All-natural deodorant by Raw Beauty – say bye-bye to harmful chemicals!

All-natural deodorant by Raw Beauty – say bye-bye to harmful chemicals!

With increasing concerns about the harmful effects of commercial, chemical-laden deodorants, we (skeptically) decided to try out one of the natural substitutes available in the market. We tried the ‘happy’ deodorizing underarm salve by Raw Beauty.

This deodorant has surpassed all expectations! It’s 100% natural and organic and has a great zesty aroma- with noticeable hints of lemon and cedar wood. We assumed it would be effective for a couple of hours at the most. But the fragrance lasts through the day, even on really hot and sweaty summer days!

Happy Underarm salve – it has the consistency of a balm and a little goes a long way

This underarm salve does not work as an antiperspirant, but works exceptionally well at keeping you smelling and feeling fresh like any other commercial deodorant. You just need to rub a little bit on after a shower, and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. This one is a keeper!

Raw Beauty, as a brand, deserves special mention here. We’ve tried a couple of things from Raw Beauty and have loved everything so far! (Check out our review of Chamkeela Tooth Powder – an all-natural toothpowder by Raw Beauty) Their products are freshly made (once orders are placed) and delivered in eco-friendly packaging. Their products are stored in glass jars, wrapped in newspaper and put in cardboard boxes – there is no plastic used in their packaging and the products have always reached us without any damage in transit.


All-natural Underarm Salve/ Deodorant by Raw Beauty


To effectively save your body from the harmful effects of chemical-laden deodorants


Raw Beauty is based out of Jalandhar (Punjab)- they deliver their products pan-India.

Orders can be placed directly with Raw Beauty through their Instagram account (Order Here) or Facebook account (Click Here)




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